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Problem solving and facing challenges: Consultation hours with mentors are a great help

It is not seldom that as a student you are confronted with doubts and fundamental questions such as: Why do I find studying at the university harder than my peers do? Did I, perhaps, choose the wrong study program? Why did I choose to study at the university in the first place?

Crises of student life are part and parcel of your trajectory at the university. You can use them productively to reflect on your own rapport with your studies, to learn how you can better use your personal resources and to possibly develop alternative future plans.

The consultation hours with mentors are a great help during these stages of crisis. Mentors offer individual and confidential counselling. Please find below the links to the consultation hours of the mentors in the faculty:

Mentors for students of English and American Studies

Mentors for students of German Philology

Mentors for students of History

Mentors for students of Music Pedagogy

Mentors for students of Classical Philology

Mentors for students Romance Philology

Mentors for students of Philosophy

Mentors for students of Protestant Theology

Mentors for students of Catholic Theology

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Mentoring offices

English and American Studies, History, Romance Philology: Gebäude MI
Central, German Philology: Gebäude S, Ebene 15

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