School of Humanities

Media competence I: Text structure and word processing

A good (term) paper is supposed to be be convincing, formally and content-wise. In this workshop we will help you create style sheets for your writing projects using word processing programs. We shall specifically work with:

  • Microsoft Office (Word)
  • LibreOffice

We will show you tips and tricks of formatting texts so that you can independently create a document that you can use as a template for writing your term papers throughout your studies.

Coming up: Creating appealing presentations

[Translate to Englisch:] Screen presentations belong to the standard repertoire of public speakers. But, alas, you probably know this: too many animations, bright colours, the excessive use of text on slides easily makes screen presentations confusing, lacking in structure or even used as scripts by the speaker.

How should a good (Powerpoint) slide look like? How much text is enough for a screen presentation? What content is better left out? These questions are discussed in this workshop whose focus lies on the threshold of media competence and public speaking.

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